Bypass LinkShrink,,, other Shorten URL Ads

Do you know there are many ways to make money online and short URLs are the one method of them to earn money? Many bloggers on their blogs use this shortened URL link to generate extra revenue but the shortened URL becomes trouble for common people like you and me.

So, today in this article, I'm going to show you how you can easily bypass any shorten url like LinkShrink, ,, Adfly, Linkbucks, ,,, Spaste, Binbucks , ,, or any other shorten URL that you get on a website or on a blog.

Bypass LinkShrink , , , Adfly ,Linkbucks , , , , Spaste , Binbucks , ,

When you click on those shortened URLs to get the file or to visit the destination page. A shortened URL like Link shrink will show you ads for some second before you get to your destination page and this is how the blogger is earning from shortening the URL.

I'm going to show three methods to bypass link shrink, adfly or other shorten URLs. Follow the below simple method and get your destination page or your file without seeing the irritating ads on your way. So, let's start with the methods.

#1. Bypass link shrink or other Shorten URL by Online website

  1. To bypass shorten URL first copy the shorten URL that you want to bypass or to get the original link of the shorten your.
  2. Now visit boxxod Website or Checkshorturl Website .
    Bypass shorten url linkshrink adfly ads
    Bypass shorten URL
  3. Then you will see one box, in that box, enter your shorten URL and click on Get Link or Expand option.
  4. Finally, you will get the original URL. Copy the original URL and paste it into your browser URL box.
  5. You will get the file that you wanted or you will reach your destination page.

You can use these two website to bypass,,, Also, you can use that two websites to get an original link from,,, or,,,  Now, let's move to the next method which is to bypass the URL with googleweblight.

#2. Bypass or other URLs with Google Web Light

  1. First, to bypass the URL copy the or link shrink or any other shorten URL link.
  2. Now visit Googleweblight Website and Paste the URL that you want to bypass.
  3. Now it will show you URL ads page and a continue option, just click on the Continue option.
  4. Done you will be redirected to your destination page.
You can try with any URL shortened URL link to bypass this above method and hopefully, it will work fine. The next and the last method is to bypass with a Google Chrome browser extension or say addon.

#3. Bypass Shorten URL with Chrome Extension

  1. First of all, install the extension or addon namely known as the Tamper monkey extension on your Google Chrome Browser.
  2. Once you have installed the extension click on MIRROR LINK and install the adfights script.
  3. Now the extension Tamper monkey will show two options click on ok on both.
  4. Then install the redirection helper script from MIRROR LINK.
  5.  You are done.
Now, whenever you visit or click on any shortened URL with your Google Chrome browser it will automatically bypass the ads waiting for the part for you and it will directly send you to your destination page or website. You can also check out Mothers day bible verses to wish your mom on mothers day.

So those were the three working methods to bypass shorten URL like  LinkShrink, Shorte. st,, Adfly ,Linkbucks,,, Adyou. me , Spaste, Binbucks,,, etc

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